Ever wonder why people leave your website or what they actually look at? Nowadays there are sites like Crazy Egg and Hotjar that can do just that. These sites will show you exactly what your visitors are seeing and not seeing. Crazy Egg shows a heatmap and tracks how far down the page your visitors go along with a few other tools. Hotjar has a unique way to show you your visitors exact path, they use video. I know Crazy Egg has started this but Hotjar has had this feature for a while now and it is free to use (at this time). The ability to see your visitors mouse movements is amazing. You can see where they pause or even scroll down to giving you ideas on what content is popular. Both tools give website owners the ability to track and adjust their site to serve up the hottest content allowing you to keep your visitors engaged on your site. I find both of these tools and others like this be an essential part of my tools kit.

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