Compassion on the Battlefield in WWII (Working Title)

Six WWII veterans and three experts share extraordinary stories of compassion on the battlefield.

" The world needs to know that there can
be compassion in war.
Humanity needs this film."
Edward W. Wood, Jr.
WWII Veteran
Author of "Worshipping the Myths of WWII"


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Stephanie Manesis, of Fargo, ND is the Producer/Director of the documentary “Compassion on the Battlefield in WWII” (working title). Our 26-minute documentary focuses on three types of compassion: compassion between enemies on the battlefield, compassion between comrades on the battlefield, and self-compassion after the war experienced by veterans for things they wish would have been different during battle. Six WWII Veterans and three experts will be featured in this film.


Like many independent films, we have a fiscal sponsor that offers us 501 (c) (3) non-profit status. Our fiscal sponsor is the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County (HCSCC) in Moorhead, MN (Moorhead, Minnesota is a twin city of Fargo, North Dakota.) HCSCC oversees and monitors all spending on this film.


“Compassion on the Battlefield in WWII” is a 26-minute documentary short of extraordinary moments of heartwarming humanity in the midst of war’s cruelty and carnage.

First inspired by hearing two stories of compassion between enemies during WWII, I began my passionate pursuit of developing a powerful short film that shines light on this hidden aspect of WWII. These compassionate acts speak to the human spirit that exists in all mankind, even when thrust into the most horrific of circumstances.

Six World War II veterans and three WWII experts weigh in on these little known stories of compassion that take the viewer on unexpected emotional journeys as veterans recount unique compassionate acts during wartime, some that irrevocably changed their lives.

Growing up in a world where “thou shalt not kill” is taught, but where “kill or be killed” is ingrained during military training, this moving film exposes humanly raw compassion shown in the most unlikely situations.

Shot on location in Germany, England, and various locations in the United States, “Compassion on the Battlefield in WWII” offers an intimate look at another side of battlefield engagement, where compassion surfaces in the name of humanity.

The goal is to have this film aired on Public Television, as well as shown at Film Festivals and to launch an extensive school and library campaign to introduce this into the educational system.


We believe this film will enlighten viewers that we, as a society, are all more similar than different, and that empathy has the power to bond and unite even in the darkest of circumstances.

While WWII is remembered for its harsh reality of devastating proportions, the hidden compassions also deserve recognition and tribute. With this film, we honor and remember the lives of those who served and the redemptive powers of compassionate humanity.


This film needs to be done now because learning about compassionate acts on the battlefield will help us better understand war … something that is critical in the current landscape of war in the 21st century.

WWII veterans are dying at a rapid pace of 300-600 each day. It is important that we complete this film soon while these veterans are still alive.


We’re excited to say we’ve completed most of our filming. We have only one day left of filming in Southern Illinois where we’ll film the well-known expert, Lieutenant-Colonel David Grossman, author of On Combat and On Killing, and we’ll film one remaining WWII veteran’s first-person story.

Below is a breakdown of remaining expenses for which we need funding:

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Thank you to The Arts Partnership of Fargo, ND for their $750 grant in 2019.