Marked by Grace:

Compassion Prevails on the WWII Battlefield

During the Horrendous Cruelties of WWII, Germans and Americans Share Compelling, True Stories of Compassion Between Enemies on the Battlefield, Reminding Us That Humanity Perseveres in the Most Unlikely Places.

Featuring Peter Coyote as our Voice Over Talent. Peter Coyote is a famous narrator of Ken Burns’ documentaries and an accomplished actor (E.T., Erin Brochovich, and A Walk to Remember).

" The world needs to know that there can be compassion in war. Humanity needs this film."

“Worshipping the Myths of WWII”


We are happy to announce that we are a finalist for the highly regarded Spring Roy W. Dean Grant!

Follow along with us as our film crew works deep in the trenches to complete this unique WWII documentary!

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Compassionate Heroism in World War ll

Marked by Grace: Compassion Prevails on the WWII Battlefield is a unique, compelling documentary about three little-known, heroic acts of compassion during the six bloody years of our second world war (1939-1945).

Staggering numbers of World War II veterans survived unimaginable experiences. Battlefield screams and cries were interrupted by interludes of deafening silence.

During the horrendous cruelties of WWII, Americans and Germans share compelling, true stories of heroic compassion between enemies, reminding us that humanity perseveres in the most unlikely places.

Despite our perceptions of war, compassion rises up even in the darkest of circumstances. These diverse acts captured in this WWII documentary demonstrate our common humanity and have the power to bond and unite men and women.

Acclaimed Contributors to Our Project

Peter Coyote, an accomplished actor and Emmy award-winning narrator of Ken Burns’ documentaries, narrates this documentary that features WWII Veterans and six experts.

Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman, author of On Killing and On Combat, provides expert commentary on the psychological impact on wartime killing and why men in WWII may choose compassion over killing on the battlefield. 

Compassion experts and military chaplains also weigh in on this documentary short.

Discover More about this Unique Documentary

First inspired in the 1990’s by hearing two stories of compassion between WWII enemies, Producer/Director Stephanie Manesis began her passionate pursuit of developing a powerful short film that shines light on this hidden aspect of war. These compassionate acts speak to the human spirit that exists in all mankind, even when thrust into the most horrific of circumstances.

This documentary short (26 to 35 minutes in length) exposes little-known, extraordinary moments of heartwarming humanity in the midst of war’s cruelty and carnage.

World War II veterans and experts weigh in on these little-known stories of compassion that carry the viewer on unexpected emotional journeys. Veterans recount unique, often heroic, and compassionate acts that irrevocably changed their lives.

Growing up in a world where “thou shalt not kill” is taught, but where “kill or be killed” is ingrained during military training, this moving film exposes raw, human compassion and offers an intimate look at another side of battlefield engagement.

Targeted Film Distribution

Three Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) stations have expressed an interest in airing this documentary. Our intention is to secure distribution through national PBS and also present our film to the History Channel and the Discovery Channel for possible airing.  Additionally, we will submit this documentary to film festivals and high schools and colleges/universities in the U.S., Canada and Europe. 

We are also proud to announce this documentary will be shown at a permanent kiosk at the Veterans Memorial Park in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  We are committed to finding other veterans parks, museums and veteran history projects where this documentary short can also be viewed.

Why Now?

We intend to complete our documentary by April 1, 2025 so that those who fought in WWII and are still alive can view our documentary. And it is important to release this film as soon as possible as conflict rages around the world.

These stories of compassion between enemies on the battlefield need to be told and remembered so future generations can learn and grow from these experiences.

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Like many independent filmmakers, we have a fiscal sponsor that provides us 501 (c) (3) non-profit status and financial oversight of all monies donated toward this film. Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County (HCSCC) in Moorhead, Minnesota (Moorhead, Minnesota is a twin city of Fargo, North Dakota) is our fiscal sponsor. This means your donations are tax-deductible!

We are currently fundraising for Phase 3 of this project (starting in June of 2024) which includes three final days of filming, editing of our documentary, contractor fees, legal and film consultation. Our budget for Phase 3 is $37,260 (Total costs to complete this film are $124,750).
Please consider donating today (here) to help this groundbreaking film come to life this year in 2024!. Whether you donate $25 or $25,000, you donation can make a difference on how the world views matters of peace, war and reconciliation!  Thank you!

Please consider donating today!

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